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IC Information:
Name: Impmon - "Stephen Bean".
Canon and medium: Digimon Tamers - Anime.
Age: In canon, he's classed as a Child-level Digimon; Stephen will be 13.
Preincarnation Species: Digimon.
Preincarnation Appearance: An image here!
Any differences: Steve's more than a species apart from Impmon - he keeps large green eyes and shortness; other than that he's a human boy who's not hit his growth spurt yet, features of a baby-face, pale-ish skin and light-blond hair.
Starting Location: Locke City, NJ, USA.

Preincarnated History: The two first series of the Digimon anime have at their premise that there exists a parallel world to the dubbed Real World called the Digital World, a world of data and computers, almost seeming like a dream or ultimate virtual reality game. It's the native home of a host of varied creatures, digital monsters, most always shortened to Digimon, who have the potential to achieve new levels of power and ability when paired to a designated human counterpart.

Tamers is the third series, opening in a Real World that even has the presence of the Digimon anime, cards, games, and other media in common with ours - except that there is also, as it turns out, Digital World, merging and crossing over into it and releasing Digimon into it, some to rampage and go about their Digimon-ly business and others to find themselves as partners.

Officially the partner of a Digimon is called a Tamer, hence the title of the series. In the first two series, human partners to Digimon were called Chosen or Digidestined - each human-Digimon partnership was pre-Chosen or pre-destined; if one crossed into the other's world, a human would have a Digimon counterpart waiting for them, and vice versa. In Tamers, there's no predestination like that; humans and Digimon partner off through picking each other and bonding. Takato Matsuda drew a picture of his perfect Digimon and got him; Ruki Makino partnered to the Renamon she played to win a TCG tournament; Jenrya Lee wound up bringing in the Terriermon he picked as a playable Digimon in a computer game.

Whenever Impmon crossed over and however they met, meanwhile, he found himself getting attached to by a couple of four-year-old twin siblings named Ai and Makoto, who were nowhere near in the mindset to be Tamers in the sense of the implication of the label. They had their very own real-live Digimon, and they treated him like an exciting new toy - down to squabbling over and playing physical tug-of-war with him - and that first exposure soured Impmon's view of partnership and by extension humans: he leaped on into the conclusion that humans didn't take Digimon seriously, partnership was demeaning and meant having a fast track to increase in strength at the cost of being treated like a pet or a toy, and that he was much better off building power on his own.

So he took off and hid out in a park where he took to harassing humans and bullying and needling "tame" Digimon to entertain himself, with increasing resentment over watching the latter evolve with boosts from their Tamers mounting until he picked a one-on-one fight with the Deva (servant of the four Holy Beast Guardian Digimon of the Digital World) Indramon that left him worked over, badly-beaten, and sent flying.

After a while of weakly wandering he slipped back into the Digital World - called in by the Deva Chatsuramon, who promised him a route to evolution on his own if he agreed to wipe out the Tamers and their Digimon who'd also crossed over into the Digital World. With his ego still bruised as it was he accepted - and was given the ability to Warp Evolve, or jump in evolution straight to his highest-level form.

He evolved into a Beelzebumon, and hunting the Tamers culminated in an encounter in which he overwhelmed their Digimon (evolved at one to two evolutionary levels below him each), killing Juri Katou's Leomon and assimilating his data, and being taken down by Takato and his Guilmon, Matrix Evolved - Evolved to temporarily merge a human with their Digimon - into a Dukemon.

Juri insisted that Takato and Guilmon not finish Beelzebumon off - she didn't want to see another Digimon killed - and he was, once again, left wandering wounded.

Another stray fight wore him down further to de-evolve into an Impmon, and the bandanna that he wore in that form was lost and found by Ruki and Renamon. With that as a hint he was in trouble, he was found and brought back into the Real World.

In a mess of mixed feelings after not only being allowed to live but being actively rescued by the Tamers and their Digimon after slaughtering one of theirs, he didn't stick with them, but wound up coming back to Ai and Makoto - who had been looking for him, apologized for not recognizing that they weren't treating him like the friend everyone knows a Digimon partner should be, and all involved reconciled.

That put the final nail in to repair Impmon's take on humans - and Tamers, convincing him to make amends for what he'd done by assisting in the fight against the D-Reaper, a malevolent program entering the Real World with the Digital World. Before he left for a battle, Ai gave him a good-luck kiss and Makoto gave him a plastic blaster. The former gave him encouragement to spark another Warp Evolution into a Beelzebumon and the latter evolved with him to take it up a notch into the pseudo-alternate form Beelzebumon Blast Mode, and fighting the good fight began.

Some point along it was discovered that Juri had been trapped inside the D-Reaper and Beelzebumon was one of those involved in getting inside to rescue her with the program actively ousting, seizing, fighting and otherwise keeping him away. It scanned the contents of Juri's mind meanwhile and reminded him that he'd killed her partner, which strengthened his resolve to extricate her - he fought his way through to the sphere she was trapped in, breaking his Blast Mode gun in the process, and tried to punch his way to her using an attack that he'd obtained through Leomon's data.

Seeing the move used shocked Juri, and as a reaction to her reaction, the sphere shut Beelzebumon out again; and the D-Reaper assaulted him to wear him down into de-evolving into Impmon again, forcing him to bow out of the fight.

He was taken back to Ai and Makoto, who, while watching over him, telling him how well he did and begging him not to die, received Digivices, their and their Digimon's lessons learned marking them as a full, official Tamers-and-Digimon partnership.

The fight continued, Juri was rescued, and the D-Reaper was bested.

After that, all the Tamers and their Digimon gathered in the park, Ai and Makoto included, and Impmon asked Juri's forgiveness and was given it - before, that one cataclysm averted, the Digimon were pulled back into the Digital World to maintain balance between it and the Real World amidst goodbyes.

Reincarnated History:

Steve was a "surprise" between a since-college couple - unmarried at the time, but they were thrilled to have a baby coming and, considering things in not-the-smartest fashion, took their own reactions to it as a sign of confirmation that they were a perfect pair and would make fantastic heads of a family.

Both had jobs, and they kept them. The two had been living together for some time and his exposure to either one wasn't limited, when they were around - he first spent his around-noontimes with a babysitter, and then at the day care center his mother worked at. He learned to function with and without his parents backing him up, and got plenty of affection from the both of them. They were fun-loving people, and so was he - grew to school age with a healthy sense of confidence and assertiveness. They deemed their parenting a success and finally married by the time Stephen was in kindergarten.

Two more "surprises" started to come about when Steve was eight, namely two more sons, and like the first, they were anything but unwelcome. What did prove to be not so welcome was the stress of raising not one but three young boys, and Steve, as the smart and so very competent eldest, was called on to relieve it some.

He was at an age at which it felt like more of a flat-out chore than bonding with family - he had nothing in common with the kids! - and he sulked and chafed. To keep him on the ball, they started to be a bit tougher on him, and he chafed under that, in a mutually self-feeding stress cycle. Whenever he had a spare moment, he started shirking schoolwork and home work in favor of hyper-focusing on and playing a daredevil for the sake of fun. His parents reeled him back in, pushed harder, and figured they had no choice but to openly start telling him no, we need you over here, doing this. Steve wasn't shy about arguing - he'd been raised being treated like one of his parents' friends, and he was offended over what felt like attempt to "put him in his place". From there tempers flared and disagreements formed and came up roaring - those between Steve and his parents leading to him feeling smothered and continuing to act out while alone and those between his parents themselves culminating in a divorce when he was eleven.

The parents split with joint custody of their sons. It's not an arrangement that Steve had any particular voice in and so he considers it "room to be jerked back and forth", but he's likely happier with the arrangement than he would have been with any other. By default, his brothers stay with their mother, and he stays with their father, so he can "have his own space", which he definitely makes use of - he's giving his father the cold shoulder more than his mother for having so clearly lost memory of what it's like to be an adolescent boy. That much space has also gotten him a little more chilled-out around his younger brothers, if still not as if he has any idea what to do with them besides the bare basics. When relegated to either parent's house, he spends much of his time out lazing or blowing off steam in the start of a bratty phase he'd have burnt off and tamed naturally in time without other designs getting in the way - in fact, entering some clearly strange times full of actual superheroes and monsters might just encourage indulging "adventurousness".

First Echo: Steve picked an after-school fight one day with someone older, size-advantaged, and willing to make it obvious as quickly as possible that he didn't have any idea who he was messing with. He wasn't badly hurt - but how quickly he was roughed up without getting any sort of good hit in himself got his pride acting up. They told him to back down; just as he was about to retort that he was just getting warmed up, he was stunned out of it on being struck with a mental image of looking up at a horse monster - Indramon, the mismatch who Impmon just wouldn't quit against and that led to him finally snapping toward making his deal with Chatsuramon.

Preincarnation Personality:

Impmon craved power - not necessarily in a malevolent sense, but in a pointed one that manifested up until his redemption arc in classic punkass-kid bullying behavior - literally taking candy from babies, peer-pressuring the naïve Guilmon into playing pranks on humans with him in the park, etc., escalating to the point of his Deal with a Deva.

All of that started out of frustration and a total lack of emotional discipline and perspective - he was never evil, but emotional and terribly immature he definitely was. It wasn't all strictly in a destructive or brash sense, as he was quick to feel happy and amused as well as angry, and his pranksterish streak was a maliciously, bitterly-directed manifestation of plain playfulness. Still, he was certainly a hothead, reactive, quick to mouth off and make snap judgments, and impulsive and stubborn for better and worse - he let his view of humans and human-Digimon relations be colored by one (mild but) early bad experience as a precedent it took an act of life-or-death mercy to slap him hard into removing.

He began acting out due to feeling, as far as he was concerned, that he did constantly have reason to be frustrated dangled in his face. He longed to be taken seriously, and it wasn't in spite of but because of the fact that he did have an amount of self-assuredness. Again, he was stubborn, and while he wasn't desperate for approval, he was staunch in believing it wasn't so wrong to want anything that he did, or to hold inability to help a Digimon to it against all humankind when two kids mentally younger than he was flubbed up acting on their end of a bargain that they didn't yet understand. He acted wrongly because he felt wronged - while he seemed to think said wronging gave him license to act out of self-interest, on the whole his view of things wasn't self-centered. He wasn't self-aggrandizing or one to play double standards - he thought that Renamon was too "good" to have a Tamer, for example. After his own power-high and fall, he was genuinely disgusted with himself after he realized that the people who he was lashing out against were being much less callous than he was.

His uglier and less-delicate traits were exacerbated and/or made even uglier than they needed to be by bitterness brought on by aforementioned lack of power. With the falling out with Ai and Makoto, he'd judged himself to be in a position in which having it in the sense of strength and having it in the sense of agency and respect were mutually exclusive, and when he decided push had come to shove, he chose to take an option that'd instill him with the strength and allow him to command the respect.

Where he was finally fixed was at a subconscious realization that there's power in conviction. Impmon as Beelzebumon fought himself screaming and clawing to the brink to save Juri in endeavor to atone for killing Leomon. His Warp Evolution was triggered for the second time when Ai and Makoto sent him off with a kiss and a toy weapon, the latter of which evolved into a real weapon with him. They receive their Digivices when they're distraught on what they think is the edge of losing him. Their status as Tamers and Digimon in a team was finally repaired when they learned to actually care for each other.

Any differences:

The Digital World was a bit of a lawless-to-inconsistently-lawful wilderness - Digimon regularly hunted and dueled each other, etc. Steve wasn't raised or conditioned for a Digimon-like life - in fact, he was raised; Digimon had no parents and, unless they fall by a nice caretaker Digimon who's likely to have widely-divided attention (the original Digimon Adventure series showed a place called Primary Village, where newly-formed/re-formed Digimon eggs appeared together and were looked after on hatching by an Elecmon caretaker), were most likely to have in most cases raised themselves. All in all, sense of power is unlikely to mean the same thing to a human that it would have to a Digimon.

Steve accordingly is less of a wild child than Impmon was, more conscious of the way he's perceived, and has got less of a physical outlet and/or means of affirmation for his sense of identity and control. Notably, he's more actively intent on being capable of intimidation, and takes some of the emphasis off of a need for actual strength and places it on the desire to be taken seriously - he's more bark and somewhat less bite.

Meanwhile, he's also less accustomed to needing to cope with overt danger he doesn't go actively seeking out, and is less savvy about handing himself on the brink of it. Again, Digimon fight and are used to being surrounded by fighting - Impmon could pick his own battles, and he wouldn't have thrown himself into the jaws of anything he didn't wish to take on, but he wouldn't have necessarily turned tail, either, possibly at least watching or staying on reserve. If he thinks he's being challenged, Steve's likely to mouth off until it becomes a threat, without for allowing for much time to analyze the actual degree; if something leaps up as a threat all at once, he might just freak out and flee.


As a Digimon, Impmon has multiple forms, or evolutions, reached by energy and control levels and each with a somewhat different set of abilities, as follows:

Italicized as this particular stage is not seen in canon - but it is the default pre-evolution of the lowest stage that he's seen at in canon (Yaamon). Even an experienced and/or fully-evolved Digimon will revert to lower-level forms to save their energy in the event of exhaustion, the level to which they'll drop relative to their default depending on how badly taxed they are - a Digimon pushed to the absolute brink may even drop to their lowest form re-encased in an egg. The same applies to a Digimon who is killed and doesn't have their data cannibalized in the Digital World - but as Steve's never going to be there, it's not applicable, and if he's killed, he'll stay killed.

- Attacks:
‣ Acid Bubbles - Sprays bubbles of weak acid from the mouth.

A step above Kiimon, attainable by staying in Kiimon form long enough to "age up" from it, which would probably take one to two weeks.

- Attacks:
‣ Rolling Black - A rolling body attack.

A Digimon's age/experience keeps them sustaining a normal evolutionary level; this is his.

- Attacks:
‣ Night of Fire - Hurls a weak fireball.
‣ Night of Blizzard - Hurls a ball of cold energy.
‣ Summon - Essentially a combined and strengthened version of the Night of-moves - conjures both fire and ice and blends them into a blast to throw.

A Digimon's normal evolutionary progression is Baby 1 > Baby 2 > Child > Adult > Perfect > Ultimate - Warp Evolution, which Impmon could achieve courtesy of his deal with Chatsuramon, enables a jump over at least one level, in his case (and a few others over series) Child to Ultimate - it's inherent that he also had an Adult and Perfect form which he could have evolved to naturally, but as both times he manages to evolve in canon he does it by Warp Evolution, they're never seen.

A Digimon doesn't evolve on their own through nothing, and both time Impmon Warp Evolved it was at important moments both in situation and for him, most likely fueled by will. Theoretically, however, as a full-fledged Digimon, he should be able to bond with a "Tamer" and be able to have his evolutionary level boosted normally thanks to their emotions channeled through a device called a Digivice - if this was to happen, he may be able to evolve more than once in a blue moon, though naturally it'd take an especially big emotional burst from the Tamer!

In canon, with evolution to Beelzebumon comes Behemoth (a motorcycle); his main attacks require a pair of short shotguns called Berenjena.

- Attacks:
‣ Double Impact - Simultaneous shot from both guns.
‣ Darkness Claw - Slash attack with energy-charged claws.
‣ Pao Yu - Hurls an explosive crystal orb.

An alternate version/"form" of Beelzebumon - it's implied that while a Digimon is essentially the same person across all their forms, their mental state/maturity level flash-changes with their evolution into each of them, and Beelzebumon is less violent/more stable in Blast Mode than in default mode. In canon, Impmon's evolution into Beelzebumon switches to Blast Mode when he evolves holding Makoto's toy blaster - and it changes with him into the blaster the form uses in addition to the Berenjena. Blast Mode also trades Behemoth for flight.

- Attacks:
‣ Double Impact
‣ Darkness Claw
‣ Death Slinger - Fires dark-pseudo-elemental energy from its blaster.
‣ Chaos Flare - Amplified a Death Slinger shot through a ring of energy.

Additionally, if Steve was to encounter and face off in a fight to the death against any other Digimon who might be reincarnated into the game after they've both been converted into their previous original species, the winner should be able to absorb the defeated Digimon's data. This'd result in a boost in strength along the lines of a Pokémon gaining experience - and allow the winner to take on one of the loser's attacks. After killing and absorbing data from a Leomon, Beelzebumon gained the ability to use Leomon's signature attack Juuouken, a punch that fires off an energy blast in the shape of a lion's head, which'll be treated as useable in Beelzebumon form because Beelzebumon meets-and-or-exceeds Leomon's evolutionary level (Beelzebumon is Ultimate; Leomon is Adult).

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: A brat-fight on the test drive meme.

Roleplay Sample - Network:

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